new season

spring has sprung

Ah spring………….the weather may be crazy all over the place but spring you are definitely here.


The grass is racing away, the days are noticeably longer and daylight saving starts this coming weekend.


It is such a hopeful time of the year, as I walk under pink and white branches laden with blossom in the orchard.


I am dreaming of the fruit I will pick. This is before the reality of summer droughts,  Nor’West winds  and pecking birds, but for now everything seems possible.


You can palpably feel the energy outside. The first of the season asparagus are recklessly poking their heads up, and the shaggy heads of the Van Sion narcissus are blooming their hearts out in the orchard.


Every time I go and pick some Rosemary it is a buzz with bees covering the blue flowers.


The mint looks like a mini forest of fresh green stalks.


So for today it’s all about the wonders of spring down here at Dry Paddocks I hope elsewhere  in the southern hemisphere you are enjoying spring too.


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a bluebell spring

The last  of the winter days are here.
The promise of spring is definitely in the air and,
officially for us in this part of the world spring arrives next week.


‘I love spring anywhere but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden’            Ruth Stout


Spring to me is the hopeful season…………….. new beginnings ……………….new leaves …………..fresh blossom……………… and new projects

New folder3

My new project is  a bluebell grove, it is something I have thought about for a long time, and a generous friend is sharing her bluebells
with me. I have planted them underneath the Pyrus trees. Theoretically they should flower at the same time.  I am already imagining a
hazy blue under white flowers with the electric green of the euphorbia’s in the background. Maybe next year I will have photos to show
you, in the meantime I just have green leaves in green grass.


This is what is in my mind…………will I live this long to see something like this? and it could be we are too dry for such
abundance, I could be being a touch optimistic. What do you think? I would love to hear any advice and your thoughts.


Spring also means a new season in the cottage with new guests. It is always exciting to see who we are going to meet.

The cottage has had its spring clean

Annex 20141

the jars have been filled


 the flowers placed

2012-08-28 14.38.00

I’ve been testing new recipes


we are all ready to go


and hopefully one day we, and our guests can enjoy a picnic amongst the bluebells.

Bluebell photos all from pinterest, the rest are mine

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From the tractor seat……..

It is the end of October………there are noticeable changes happening. Spring is repositioning itself towards summer.

from the tractor PCM1

 As you know a lot of time is spent observing from the seat of the tractor. The ground is drying out and
hardening, the grass is loosing its verdant green colour. Baxter is wearing his grass coat, which means
our floors wear grass as well.

from the tractorPCM2

Bees are busy……….. their legs (do bees have legs?)  are  laden with pollen. Blue is their favourite colour.

Summer fruit is swelling, and the almonds furry casing is firming and expanding. The cherry crop is looking
impressive……… was last year as well, but the birds snuck  through the netting and we were left with one
cherry. I did not appreciate their generosity.  Any good ideas for bird repelling gratefully received.

from the tractor PCM3

The delicate flowers of the ancient Medlar tree are deceptively hardy …………Rosa Opulence  is the colour
of Waipara Pinot Noir.

from the tractorPICM5

The first of the Lavender is almost in flower. The seasons are in transition.



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New Season

We’ve been busy……………………………

painted……..stained……..gardened…….pruned……..spring cleaned in the winter……..refreshed the books & magazines……..tested new recipes……..Baxter’s been to the groomers……..stocked the freezer & Pantry…….
folded the new linen……..

New Season

We are good to go for a new season. It  has been fun getting everything ready,
tweaking, and adding new things to surprise guests. We want guests to feel as
if Dry Paddocks is their home away from home, while they stay with us.

New Season1


Meet the staff.

Smudge the office assistant……..she often sleeps on the job.
Baxter, integral part of the meet and greet team, takes his responsibilities
very seriously.





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