wild spring

Its been another wild wind filled few days here. We could definitely have done without it especially so close on the heels of
last months ‘big blow’. However mother nature has her own agenda.

While waiting for guests on Saturday the power went out. Trees down on the lines.  When you live in the country and you
loose power, it affects everything……… there is no water and of course toilets can not flush. So we welcomed our lovely guests
into a noisy maelstrom, they were being treated by their children for a weekend away in the peaceful countryside. Hah!

We gave them the choice of returning  another time, or, waiting to see if the power came on. They were brave enough to not  be
bothered by the noise,  or the sight of trees bent double and debris somersaulting over the grass. So we poured some bubbles to
calm  fraught nerves (any excuse will do)   we chatted and sat it out………bubbles is like that, it does make  unpleasant things
recede. A toast to the linesmen was duly performed when power was finally restored.


The delicate fresh new spring growth is now battered blackened and burnt, and we have had the chainsaw out tidying up
branches. Nothing too  serious though, and it will hopefully rejuvenate.

The time has come, actually it is overdue, to cut the spent flowers of the Hellebores………so that is one of the tasks of the
moment. They are still beautiful even this late in the season.

resize hellebore




Lets hope Spring has finally blown herself out.





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