Tulip time

It is a perfect spring day……….mild, sunny and calm.

tulips no 1


I have been wandering around the garden and looking at my tulips(above). I am a tulip fan……………
but I wish I could grow them more successfully.

parrot tulips 1b


I have just been looking at  Sarah Raven’s website.  Sarah is a hugely knowledgeable gardener and tulip
collector, amongst other plants, in the UK.  I have been gazing and lusting after all the different varieties
she has for sale.

tulips 2a


We have lost so many bulb suppliers in New Zealand over the last few years, and our selection for purchase
has decreased significantly. The photography on her site is pure eye candy,  borders  and pots filled to the
brim with exquisite blooms.  She also has excellent information on growing tulips, I wish I had read this before
mine were planted. I suspect where I have gone wrong is, I did not plant them deep enough. Their stems are
shorter than they should be and spindly, so, if you have any  growing tips I would love to hear from you.

tulips 4a

So  today,  I am sharing the love for tulips.

             images via pinterest


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