from the tractor seat……………..peephole to spring

You know the days are lengthening when the grass starts growing………………………

So it’s  back onto the tractor, and yesterday the smell of the cut grass reminded me spring is not far away.

Yes I know we can still receive cold weather and possibly some snow, but it lifts the spirits to see tangible evidence
of nature stirring towards spring.


the low winter sun glimpsed through the trees at sunrise is moving position ever so slightly


against the sky you suddenly realise the buds are fattening


the Hazelnut catkins are fluffing up


the almonds are developing leaves and we have been enjoying blossom for several weeks


the spring bulbs in the orchard where I am mowing are pushing up leaves and buds



the wattle glows in the corners of our shelter belts planted many years ago their lemon yellow flowers light up against the dark green


of course the winter stalwarts are still giving pleasure where would we be without them in our gardens

PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage1

the viburnum………………….and the hellebores




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  • Cathy R says:

    Another lovely share of pictures! Spring is definitely on it’s way! ENJOY! We are have a very hot summer in the hills of Idaho, fall will be very welcomed come Sept. Joy and Peace to you!

    • dry paddocks says:

      Thanks again Cathy, your comments are always so nice. We are lucky to experience real seasons aren’t we, so we can anticipate each change. gillian

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