country kindness and wood stacks

Autumn has arrived in our corner of the world. The colours are changing there is a morning crispness to the air,
and we have lit our first fire.
We have also been  stacking wood,  a task that is deeply satisfying on a primal caveman level………………………
now winter can throw whatever it likes, and we are prepared.

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So what has this got to do with kindness?………..we were given the wood by a neighbour. It arrived  six massive tree
trunks, balanced on the prongs of his forklift and had been a slow tractor ride from one end of our road to the other.
Things like that happen in the country.  When you have surplus you share and you look out for your neighbours.


Not long after we  moved here I had to go to the airport to collect my husband, the car battery was flat.  What does a
city girl do? ring the AA. After an hour or more it was apparent they were not going to get here anytime soon, so I rang
our nearest neighbour who arrived in a matter of minutes with jumper leads. When I was telling this to another neighbour
she looked at me, very puzzled and said ‘why ever would you ring the AA? If you need help you always ring a neighbour”
I have never forgotten this, it was a valuable lesson.


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We have found  a sense of community here in our part of the countryside. You lend equipment, you give away surplus
produce, and you help out when needed, and the same is returned.  Since we have been here, we have heard so
many times from other  ‘newbies’, “we didn’t know our neighbours in town, but now we know so many people”. We
have regular get togethers,  and  when someone new moves in you  a social occasion is organised so they can meet
other people. Its just what is done.It is part of the fabric of rural life, that has endured for many years in so many rural
communities and is not  peculiar to just our part of the countryside. It is a way of living that has been borne out, of what
was once a sense of isolation in many rural locations. So from those of us who have moved into these communities,
a big  thank you for the kindness of country folk.


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  • Cathy R says:

    Neighborly Kindness is the bonus beauty of country living! You take wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing and happy fall to you, such a sweet welcome after a hot, dry summer! We are still awaiting spring but I did have a chance yesterday between rain showers to clear out the flowerbed along the garden fence so we can easily see the first daffodil when it blooms! Blessings, Cathy

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