summer lavender………

Its lavender time in the valley………..



Last week I spent a few hours amongst the olive trees and lavender at Mt Grey Olives. Walking amongst
the purple haze and listening to the  buzz of the bees the pre Christmas hustle and bustle faded away.



The lavender was stunning ……………. intense in colour……………..the sound of bees filled the air……………..
and the  perfume of the lavender  was all pervasive.


Lavender and olive trees just go together……………one of those classic combinations, they work well in our
dry climate and love our hot summers.


This is not just for show……….. despite its decorative appearance. Jan uses the lavender oil in her soaps
and body lotions that she makes on site. Their own olive oil is also used to craft soap that is also restorative
for your skin. We are lucky enough to have her hand made Savon vert soap for guests use in the cottage
and they love it.


Jan’s soaps can be found at the Waipara Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning 9am-12pm.




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  • Ruth Briggs says:

    How lovely, the color is so vibrant and beautiful. Do you smell the lavender as you walk in the field?

  • Gail Trapp says:

    Your photos get more glorious by the week, Gy. I didnt need to be there to smell the lavender! I’m also very grateful for your intro to Mt Grey soaps, possibly the best in the world? We use them all the time and even took them to France to give to our clients because they are better than the much-vaunted Marseille soaps.

    Have a great Xmas – not many pockets on the Advent tree to open now.

    • dry paddocks says:

      Thank you ……I love the idea of NZ soap travelling to France. Yes the Advent tree is filling up fast, a scary thought. Have a great Christmas as well. Gy.

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