christmas giving | french style

Scrabbling around for ideas for gifts?  here is a delicious little chocolate treat, perfect to take when invited
out, to give to the children’s teacher, or just an end of year thank you. Not to mention the sneak treat when
no-one is looking.


Mendiants, they are French, so simple so chic. Not an original recipe,  I have come across it several times
over the last few months and it seemed easy and quick, a definite plus factor at this time of year.


Melt chopped dark chocolate…………..the recipe I had, said to melt it over boiling water until the chocolate reached
50 degreesC. Remove from heat and stir until the temperature drops to 28 degrees. Place the bowl back onto the
heat and warm until 32 degrees is reached.

Did I say simple! huh!

Feel free to do the above if so inclined.  I melted my chocolate in the microwave, gently on 50% power, checking
and stirring several times until melted.  It is important not to over heat chocolate or it will loose its gloss.  But this
method worked for me.

Have your toppings ready, nuts, dried fruits whatever you have in the pantry. Using a teaspoon make circles of
chocolate about 4 or 5 cm in diameter on baking paper. Place your toppings on and leave to set.  I also had some
edible gold dust which looks very festive sprinkled over the top.  It is available from cake decorating or speciality food
shops. Great for birthday cakes as well. Be warned a little goes a long way. A smidge is all that is needed.


Optional, you can trace circles onto the baking paper I did this as I tend to have a wobbly hand but in actual
fact did not need the template. Using the same method, instead of circles you can make large rectangles of
chocolate. Leave to harden and break up roughly.


Something else we can thank the French for.

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